Lisa Stone is a web challenge that was part of the MetaRed CTF 2022 (3nd STAGE).

With the challenge, we get the following info.

Our ancestors have hidden a thousand-year-old secret in this monolith, archaeologists have advanced a lot in the investigation, but apparently something is wrong, discover what has happened.

An archeologist infected the system with a virus and has hidden a very important file, through forensic analysis he finds the file that will contain the flag.

First approach

First, we download the VM and start it in VirtualBox, where we are asked to log in using username and password. Sadly, we have neither. So we restart the machine and try the advanced options and enter recovery mode. Using that, we can boot as root. When doing a cat on the .bash_history we see that something happened in the html folder. So we go there.


We start off doing a simple grep -r 'flagMX.*' * and promptly get our answer.